Why isn’t L&D ‘Instagrammable’?

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It’s #LearningAtWorkWeek so we thought now would be the perfect time to launch our Instagram account @NowTrainingLtd. Hot on the agenda of many organisations, #LAWW has inspired loads of exciting projects this week, which is why we have been shocked by the lack of participation on Instagram. Where are all of the HR and L&D professionals? Where are the thought leaders for learning, training providers and organisations?

Given all of the fun, creative and important work we do within the L&D and HR space, we expected Instagram to be the perfect platform! After all, it is a place for sharing (boasting about) our creative new ideas, projects and accomplishments (along with latte art, of course) and so we have a lot to be proud of!

Having spent some time considering why we aren’t dominating the daily hashtags on Instagram, we have considered one possible reason… You can’t hashtag #L&D, nor can you tag #L+D. Seemingly the only common name and way we refer to our group of like-minded professionals and the #hashtag isn’t available.

So which hashtags should we use?

We have taken to using #inspirebetterlearning since that’s what we are all here to do. Some of the other suggested tags are listed below. Which #hashtag will you use?

#landd = looks like something to do with land development

#InstructionalDesign = probably too specific to cover all L&D professionals

#ID = also used for those discussion identification (as in passports and drivers licenses)

#training = lots of people exercising and practicing for sports competitions

#eLearning = used frequently by L&D community, another good choice

#OnlineLearning = used frequently, and also by those making direct to consumer courses on Coursera, Teachable, Udemy, etc.

#BlendedLearning = used frequently by wide array of educators

#AdultLearning = used a fair bit, but do remember that “adult” has another less-than-professional meaning, as well

#LearningStrategy = rarely used

#LearningAndDevelopment = very rarely used

#LD = this usually means “learning disabilities” not “Learning & Development”

#LnD = used by the Live-N-Direct Show, unless you’re into hip hop too this probably isn’t your jam

#education = used broadly by educators of all types

#edtech = includes all educational technology, tends to skew toward K-12

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