Our six core values have grown since 1997 and define our culture; they differentiate us and guide us towards taking the right decisions to drive us towards our vision.


We care about people and their development; it gives us a great sense of satisfaction to be part of a process which helps an organisation and its people to reach their full potential.

Customer Service

We aim to consistently deliver great service and the best learning solutions. We pay attention to our clients wants and needs.  We measure satisfaction and endeavor to constantly exceed expectations.


We started the business with a disruptive innovation by launching the first independent managed learning service which has created a new service and value network. We consciously create an environment for innovation to flourish.

Continuous Improvement with Quality

We strive to get things right first time and every time. We are constantly researching, developing and implementing new ideas to improve the service and solutions to our customers.


We work harmoniously with colleagues, clients and suppliers offering co-operation and support so that we all achieve our business and personal objectives.

Create Value

By understanding a clients needs we are able to offer great value by recommending the most appropriate solutions at very competitive rates.