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Our friends at Merrill Consultants know all about programme planning, thanks to their dedicated team and vast experience. In this article, they have shared their top tips for getting programmes working well.

Recently we have received three separate enquiries which can be categorised as skills development. Skills needed for specific tasks in their daily work. Different organisations, different skills, different roles not different in needing to raise skills in software use, processes and know-how. The what, when and the how. 

All the potential delegates have expressed a need for training and support which is very encouraging from both the trainer’s perspective and the attitude to people development of the organisation. Specific needs have been mutually agreed and shared.

As we have a wealth of experience in these topics so we able to pick and mix delivery, content, and trainers.

My 10 steps to getting programmes working well

Programme planning is like a jigsaw puzzle, you have to draw your picture (what the client wants as an end result), make sure you have all the pieces (information) and your shape cutter to make them informative and interesting. A good flow which means the pieces of the jigsaw fit well together and are engaging.

  1. The use of training needs analysis and discussion help to group individuals together to make the best outcomes for the session.
  2. Job roles in the system, permissions, work tasks and reviewing their processes, “who does what and when and why?”
  3. Reviewing template documents
  4. Introduce best practice and new ways of working
  5. Which scenarios would make good exercises in each product/s, stakeholders are briefed on the programme detail
  6. Stepping into their world with real world tailored examples of what works well and are future proofed.  
  7. Communication and support, everyone is listened to and learns at a suitable pace. Additional help can be organised and flexibility is built into the schedule
  8. Creating safe learning environments that boost confidence and implementation of enhanced skills.
  9. Help mechanisms are understood, could be Quick reference guides, videos or a super user/Help Desk.
  10. Investing time in building relationships and planning as one size does not fit all

If you need help and support with training whether it is one day or a full programme, we have the experience and expertise, and would be delighted to discuss your requirements. Contact us at Now Training on 01920 460211 or email us at

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