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Now Training is registered with the United Kingdom Data Protection Registrar and your personal data is held in accordance with the Data Protection legislation currently in force in England. As part of the booking process, Now Training collects personal data concerning you and your use of the web-site. Now Training agrees not to pass your information on to any third parties, except to the degree necessary to any provider of training events you have indicated a desire to attend and you are deemed by consenting to these terms and conditions to have consented to this exchange of information (which may be an exchange of information outside the European Economic Area).

From time to time, you agree that Now Training may provide to your e-mail address details of special offers relating to courses on offer in accordance to traffic-data provided from your use of the site or as a result of your registered details. In the event that Now Training considers it necessary to contact you by e-mail, post or telephone in relation to any booking made by you, you consent that they may do so.

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